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Thirsty Hair? You need Lushalox Moisture Range

Moisture Collection, Vegan Hair Products, Best Hair Care Products, Moisturising Hair Products, Shampoo for dry hair, best conditioner for dry hair, best leave in conditioner for dry hair,Australian made and owned Hair ProductsLushalox Moisture Collection is sure to cast a moisture drenching spell over your hair.

You will fall head over heals in love with this sublime Range once you experience the thirst quenching and hydrating benefits, whilst the aroma of hydrangea and coconut delight the senses.

Our award winning Moisture Range has been created from the finest quality Australian grown organic ingredients,

gently cleansing the hair,  whilst moisture conditioner instantly infuses moisture deep into the cortex layer of the hair shaft.

Hair can easily become dehydrated, dry and brittle due to a number of factors, regular use of heat styling appliances, chemical treatments such as the use of bleach, hair colour, chemical straightening & waving.


Not all Products are Created Equally 


Many commercial hair products contain harsh ingredients which has long term effects, potentially damaging the hair and health. 

Sun,sea,chlorine & lifestyle Pursuits also contribute to dry and dehydrated hair.


Lushalox Moisture Range is the perfect solution for dry, damaged hair that will  instantly transform your dehydrated, brittle tresses instantly, by working to rehydrate and rejuvenate your hair, restoring luminous shine, elasticity and body to your hair. Leaving you wondering if angels had heard the deepest desires of your heart, all because you dared to dream of heavenly, luxurious hair, so soft and shiney, could one day be yours.


 The Science Behind Our Beautiful Hair Care Products 


Saying goodbye to dry, damaged hair will be easy as difficult to manage hair becomes but a distant memory of the past, as 

water loving molecule’s allow the gentle cleansing process to facilitate hydration while shampooing and cleansing the hair. Moisture shampoo will cleanse the hair thoroughly and leave your hair feeling fresh and moisturised at the same time thanks to natural coconut and hydrangea extracts, working to improve the overall condition of the hair instantly by locking in moisture without weighing the hair down.


Lushalox Moisture Collection


We offer the perfect solution to instantly transform hair that has become damaged and dry. Hair over time, can become over processed and tortured by the over zealous use of bleach products, regular hair colouring & other various treatments on offer in the world of cosmeceutical hair treatments. More often than not multiple chemical services are applied to the hair over a period of time, sometimes people forget this, or do not count a service such as a Keratin smoothing treatment as a chemical process, whereby it is important to note that it is indeed a chemical process.


As a hairdresser, I have noted many times during the consultation phase,  whn asked about the history of chemical services, theconsider the previous 6 months to be relevant & at times, forget some past services.

When you consider the rate of hair growth is only approximately 1cm per month, the past two years history should be considered.


Stop split ends & breakage dead in their tracks


Lushalox Moisture Range is  scentifically formulated to instantly re-hydrate & restore the moisture levels of the hair.

The importance of replenishing moisture into dry damaged hair is the most vital element to stop breakage & prevent further damage.

Moisture range works by infusing micro molecules of moisture deep into the hair shaft where it is most effective.

The cuticle layer is then sealed with organic fruit oils. This allows Moisture hydration to continue until the next Shampoo.


• For next level hydration use Lushalox Moisture Shampoo followed by Lushalox Moisture Conditioner


Pump up the Moisture 

Use Moisture Spray daily to for the ultimate moisture infusion, designed for over processed brittle hair that needs extra attention.


For Fast Repair 

We recommend you use Repair Treatment once a week for added strength and elasticity.


Use as directed.

Safe to use on bleached hair

Safe to use on coloured hair 

Safe to use on hair treated with keratin 

Safe to use on permed hair

Safe to use on thinning hair

safe to use on dry, brittle & dehydrated hair


 Lushalox Products are Proud to be


cruelty free

Not tested on Animals 

Eco friendly 


Free of petrochemicals

Sulphate free

Paraben free

DEA Free

Made from Organic ingredients

Australian Made and owned


Lushalox is proudly an Australian Made and Owned Hair Care Range Which is created from Organic Ingredients, sourced in Australia. Guaranteed to be free of Sulphates, Parabens, Petrochemical Cleansers, DEA, Propylene Glycol, Ethoxylates, Phthalates and Artificial Colours. 


Not tested on Animals 


Our Cruelty Free, Eco Friendly Products 

are created with respect and consideration for our Environment and all whom we share it with. 

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