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Head lice Shampoo

Product image 1Head lice Shampoo
Product image 2Head lice Shampoo
Product image 3Head lice Shampoo
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Kids Head Lice Shampoo Is an easy to use and effective product used to treat head lice and is recommended as a barrier against further infestation. Kids Head Lice Treatment is a natural product that is safe to use on children and is recommended for the whole family. Designed to target the areas of the hair affected by head lice, our unique formulations utilising advanced technology allows the shampoo to specifically target the areas affected by head lice and eggs, and work to instantly stun the lice for easy removal.

Created with organic ingredients, Kids Lice shampoo targets head lice, immobilising live head lice and working to break down and loosen the eggs.   Our non drying, gentle formulation cleanses the hair and scalp without drying, by Utilising organic ingredients combined with our unique formulation, and advanced scientific technology, help to eliminate headline while conditioning and protecting the hair with organic tea tree oil, fruit oils, organic marine extracts, barley and alfalfa extract,cork tree bark extract, sandalwood oil, sunflower seed oil, quinoa, together with proven blend of natural active ingredients to combat and prevent against further infestations.

Directions For Use  Shake well before use, thoroughly cover the head and scalp with product, including behind tears, and the back of the neck, rub vigorously into the scalp and ensure areas are completely covered. Rinse out thoroughly with warm water, and towel dry. Remove dead lice and eggs with a fine toothed head lice comb. For best results, follow with Kids Head lice Treatment. Repeat process 2-3 days after the first treatment. It is recommended all family members are treated to prevent spreading or re infestation.

 Lushalox Australian made and owned  So you can be assured you are using the very best when you choose Lushalox Kids Range to protect your precious child from the harmful effects of harsh ingredients used in many mainstream and imported formulations. 

Lushalox Products are Vegan, cruelty free and created utilising organic ingredients that are sourced in Australia to create our Sublime Hair Care Products,which are Guaranteed to be free of sulphates, parabens,ethoyylates,paragons, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers,pthalates, DEA and artificial colours. 

     • Vegan 

    • Cruelty free

    • Not tested on Animals 

    • Eco friendly 

    • Recyclable packaging

    •Free of petrochemical cleansers

    •Sulphate free

    • Paraben free

    • Phthalates 

    • DEA Free

    • Ethoxylates

   • Artificial Colours

   • Made from Organic ingredients

   • Australian Made and owned

 Not tested on Animals                                                                                                      Our cruelty free,                                                                                                             eco friendly products                                                                                                are created with respect and                                                                                 consideration for our environment and                                                                       all whom we share it with. 

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